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Freshman English


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Freshman English

Freshman English has been redesigned to make it both more interesting and more effective for students. The main goal of the course is to make students more confident and capable when using English in daily life. In addition, students can develop better language-learning skills—in part by introducing them to current software and language-learning websites—so that they can gain the habits that will help them use English productively all of their lives. For students who take the Freshman English Program seriously, the program can be a doorway to a variety of opportunities in their future.


One of these opportunities is that the chance of finding jobs after graduation will be much better for students with strong English skills. These days, the number of applicants for one job can be in the hundreds. Graduates with no work experience can find it impossible to find a good job. Getting a job always requires an edge, something that makes a person valuable to a company. Most companies look for graduates with exceptionally high English skills and even ask applicants to introduce themselves in English during interviews.


The Language Center makes changes to the Freshman English Program on a regular basis in order to make the class more fun and useful for students and also to take advantage of the latest language-learning technology.


Instruction in the Freshman English (FE) course takes two different forms:


1. two hours per week of in-class instruction with an emphasis on communicative English skills


2. two or more hours per week of independent self study through the extensive reading program, multimedia language-learning software, and the FCU ilearn System.  



Course Descriptions


The Freshman English program takes a four skill integrated approach towards language education. However, classroom material and teaching strategy are designed to meet the needs of individual learners. Students are divided into four levels based on their performance on a placement exam.



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