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108-1【大二英文微學分課程第一批停開課程】公告 (外語教學中心) 2019/09/16

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Mission Statement


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In order to take advantage of all the educational, economic, and cultural benefits of living in an interconnected, globalized world, proficient language skills—now more than ever—are almost a prerequisite. The primary aim of the Language Center is to ensure that FCU students are fully prepared—at least linguistically—to participate in this world upon graduation. We attempt to meet this mission by providing:

  • Excellent, innovative classroom instruction
  • A 100% English environment to supplement the classroom experience
  •  A wealth of autonomous learning resources
  •  A full menu of testing services and test preparation courses

The FCU Language Center, the place where “Devoted to Language Learning” is more than just a slogan.