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Interview Questions

FE Interview Questions 大一英文面試問題

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105-2 FE Interview Questions (L2-L3)


Level 2

1. How to shop smart for your daily necessities? Tell me your ways of shopping smart.

2. Talk about the kinds of TV shows you like and don’t like. Please explain.

3. What constitutes a healthy diet? Do you consider your diet healthy?


Level 3

**Your teacher will choose 3 questions from 6 questions below, and announce in class. Please contact your teachers for more details, thank.

Interview 1 (Unit 9)

1. The tsunami alarm goes off, what should you do??

2. What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

3. Your house is on fire, what three things (material) would you save, and why?

Interview 2 (Unit 10)

1. Tell me about how technology has positively or negatively affected your life.

2. Your birthday is coming up, your grandparents will buy you a new phone or laptop, which will you pick and why?

3. If you had to choose between having either no internet or no bed for a week, what would you choose and why?